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The Old Parish Church of St Gregory, dating back to 1592, is a fascinating church.A secret passage was discovered in the church walls revealed the skeletal remains of some 80 or people.The wonderful Church of Saint Catherine dominates the village and was built by Lorenzo Gafá in 1692The 'Cross in the Village Square' (Is-Salib Tal-Pjazza) is situated at the entrance of the village's main square in front of St Catherine's. We can see some fortified houses in the village core.The Parish Church of St Catherine (1692) is perhaps the finest work of Maltese architect Lorenzo Gafa'.Zoncor Point, the northern tip of Marsascala Bay, houses the National Swimming Pool, where important water polo matches are played.There are good numbers of accommodation with a balcony overlooking the picturesque Marsascala Bay.The most interesting articles found in Tad-Dawl are the 23 "ex voto" paintings.

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We have a soft spot for these historic villages that have very distinct and pleasant features which are not found in other parts of the Maltese Islands or elsewhere.

Its long U-shaped coastline and beach, its rocky promontories and its multicoloured fishing vessels give it lots of character.

The place is enlarged by a wide variety of modern leisure facilities, restaurants and bars.

The Monument of the Three Crosses with the Passion Symbols is an eye-catching curiosity that creates imagination in visitors’ mind.

When we go to Zabbar Road, we find a charming farmhouse in a natural setting very close to the water course. Anne, the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary are other attractions where we can see other historical articles.


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