Virtual dating simulation online

Die Bereitschaft der Technischen Zentrale ist rund um die Uhr unter der Telefonnummer 0941 943-3333 zu erreichen.

You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

Link Think, the company behind Webkare, is strangely secretive about the game mechanics, however, making it hard to figure out how to advance in the game.

For example, it seems to be essential to “talk” to the boyfriends of other users and view their profiles and albums.

Instead, Webkare will display a short cartoon clip if you click on the boy you like (some of the clips include voice samples such as “What’s up?

”, “Do you always stay in the class room until dark? ” etc.), driving the love story forward step by step.

But the social aspect is actually quite distinctive, as members need to befriend each other and collaborate.More » Over 1000 unique worlds to immerse yourself in. Rick’s Café, Pollen World, Fantasy World, and Castles World are samples of worlds you can be a part of.A site devoted to bringing you a different sort of virtual date. Not only do you get to go shopping, chat with friends, but also you can take part in events, such as Halloween. Decorate your home, invite others to come over, or explore the world by visiting your neighbors.You are required to pay a monthly fee to play, with the option to try it for free.Important conversations or events can be stored in the album section of the site as “memories”.


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