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Life for Scott had settled down to a routine of whenever the 22 year old fell foul of his Mum’s new rules or if after a warning he still failed to comply then he would receive yet another bare bottom spanking. To her there was something therapeutic about giving a good hard spanking when it is deserved, therapeutic and stress relieving.She wondered though how come Scott wasn’t better behaved. Even when she made him bend over for the cane he claimed he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again, but once the caning was over he just seemed to lapse back in to his old ways.”Stephanie laughed as she said, “I do Mum, and being put across your lap with him watching.It was so humiliating, though I have to say I wasn’t rude to him ever again.” More laughter resounded around the room.Still, Sheila knew if things continued as they did a public spanking was bound to happen. She knew he hated being spanked so often but that didn’t worry her.Scott wasn’t quite so happy being spanked so often. Should she spank her son in front of everyone she wondered?He was due back with his friend Mark who was staying over for the next week. Sheila fidgeted and decided to go the kitchen for a drink. The front door opened and Scott came in just as Sheila went out in to the hallway. She gave the 22 year old one of her glaring looks that invariably ended up with Scott’s trousers and pants around his ankles bent across his Mum’s lap having his bottom spanked with her hand and hairbrush.“Look Mum, I’m really sorry but I just wanted to go for a drink with my friends.”“No Scott, not good enough. ”Scott walked passed his Mum and as he entered the lounge said over his shoulder, “Look Mum, Mark knows you spank me and I knew you would spank me for being late so if you must spank me what the hell ….”Scott froze when he turned and looked in to the living room. His Mum just glared back, tight lipped, hands on her hips. ”There was silence again as Scott struggled to find the right thing to say Becky let out a “Wowee, you do Mum, you spank Scotty.”Sheila shot a look at her teenage daughter. Sheila turned to Mark and said, “You may as well watch young man and goodness knows you deserve what Scott is going to get.”Mark blushed.

Grandma said, “You know Stephanie this reminds me of that time you were rude to our neighbour, do you remember it?

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He had been quite content having Rosie spank him when he wanted to be spanked and enjoyed giving her back chat in return for her spanking and the hairbrush and the cane. Her mind was swayed when each of the ladies egged her on.

He now realised the £100 a time he paid Rosie was a good deal for him. She would spank him once a month and she had emphasised she would mainly spank him only when he deserved it, and always with a warning. Now he was spanked when he didn’t want to be and when you get spanked that often it just plain hurts, your bottom stings, sitting becomes a real problem and it is sometimes hard to hide the fact you are spanked from your friends when you grimace when sitting on a chair they have just thrown themselves on to. It was as clear a warning as Scott had ever been given. She needed him home and knew she would give him a hard spanking but that would have to wait until they were alone. Becky said, “Go on Mum, if he needs to be spanked don’t worry about us.”Grandma added, “Becky is right dear, discipline is discipline after all.”Aunty Steph smiled at the thought of it and even she said, “I think you know what has to happen Sheila.”Sheila did know and on reflection reckoned it would do her errant son some good.


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