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In which case, even if he does think he wants a future with you, he might still pull away.

No-one – a man especially – likes to feel like they’ve been pushed into making a decision to commit.

Yeah, some women have the same motives, but as a rule women bring emotion to sex, whereas men often just see sex as two people having fun. Sometimes guys end up dating someone because they’re there – and yes, they’ll still put in a bit of effort, even if they’re not that bothered.

He’ll keep you around until someone better comes along, and you’ll be dropped like a hot potato.

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Maybe your man wants to establish his career properly before settling down, or maybe he’s scared about what might happen to his finances if your union ends in divorce.Maybe getting together with you made him realise he was still in love with his ex.Whatever the situation, the sooner you get him to admit it the better.If you think this is the case, ease up the pressure and it’s likely he’ll drift back to you.Taking on someone else’s heart is a great responsibility.Look for evidence of his feelings – if he’s still got a framed photo of her in his lounge, you need to tackle the issue with him.


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